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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cali Dream Bus to Sacramento: You can do it you can do it you can.

Calli was a State named after a Girl.
She loved to dream and went to bed early.
She forgot all about the nuclear
spill for a while and is keeping her
thoughts on the survivorship of Japan's
people, embraces her fellow person,
child, girl, boy, man, or woman and Earth
too and Nature. Then as she awoke, She
noticed a bus driving by like an Aid
to Despair not unalike those Relief
vehicles. First Aid to Humanity
and Trauma Rescue. Peace at the Border
that is without Limit to its violence.
Tsunamis elsewhere break shore in Cali.

This Sonnet is a Fictional Work. Any perceived, apparent, or implied relationship to entities or persons is coincidental.

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