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Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's A Tough Job Blowing Bubbles of Freedom!

It’s a Tough job blowing Bubbles. I’m done

With smalling the sweat and want my Freedom.

Everyday is for Freedom, an Idea

Bubble you can see grow grow Weeeeeee!

Like a Merry-Go-Round of Liberty!

Pride against Papers! Papers which to make

a Cuss Word built of Four Letters. When the Old

Boy with Axes in his Mad Gaze retorts:

“I’ll show you what to do with Four More

useful letters. Suck on my Sagging fronds

of Power.” Three Long hairs where hangs Glamour

of pushers, of mobbers, and lynchers. These

are Heroes? Only as long as Hate succumbs

ultimately to Love Fecund no Justice no Peace!

This Sonnet is a Fictional Work. Any perceived, apparent, or implied relationship to entities or persons is coincidental.

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