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Monday, September 20, 2010


Our educational system is bridled with reins of the 20th Centry which was bridled with the reins of the 19th Century.   There are still those who believe that there is one right and better way to do everything. While many agree that Universalism is outdated, there seems to have been no successful replacement.   

Today the public has been apprised of the Dream Act movement,  a movement for civic relief of students who are alien minors.  Those for whom the legislation matters most personally have originated and spurred a phenomenal political event, the time for a socially just America to begin.  But the true benefactors of the Dream Act are Americans. America will prosper by incorporation of justice. 

Social injustice serves no one.  For the wealthy and the rest share in the same society.  Everyone is on the dollar system.  Even if they hold assets or credit, the dollar has to continue to not only be a monetary value but it must also grow more civil in order to retain its value and image. Humanity itself is a far richer treasure for it is the basis of meaning. Money represents the exchange of value among people.  Its value grows by circulation.  This truth can be seen on the internet where a new economy is growing—the E-Economy. Though those who do not mind industrializing poverty have an interest in privatizing the E-Economy. 

Food, Education, and Dignity for all people is the law of all just societies.  

Race as a social construction must change.  Direct evidence from the Dream Act Movement indicates that the most juridically disenfranchised, are propelling the project that is America.  That is not a social program nor is it funded by any government or organization.  What the Dream Act has proven is that all people by birth possess inalienable rights.  Yet the poor, the persecuted, and the excluded are dispossessed of their rights by the law itself.  To suggest that they do not deserve to recuperate that right is not only unconstitutional but it is detrimental to the economy.

In a moment of contemplation, I considered the plight of migrant who must set out to cross the desert by foot.  I shuddered with the thought.  For the decision to cross the desert is the decision to accept death.  For even when the traveler arrives here alive, she has carried her death in her arms the entire way. The bodies of the dead have grown too large in number.  How is this decision an illegal one?  If laws are intended to govern the living, they cannot be applied to the dead. 

Yet what makes them dead but the law? 

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