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Thursday, September 23, 2010

How John McCain Cried for Mercy though He was Not Merciful

I’m John McCain after I’m dead. Ha ha!
I’m not around to suffer my shame. Dreams
of Youth? Psshaw! Gays can’t be open, or Armed!
As for Immigrants, I’ll meet you in hell.

The Angel of Mercy interrupted
his speech, “Hola, proud Juanito, recall
the words you spoke at your Fillibuster?
the Tea Party has good reason. So suck

on this Americans (Sarah Palin
in 2012!) I won’t allow Dreamers
or Hopefuls to find a Situation
that’s Less Painful. There's no justice for all!"

Then he sent him to the Desert all Alone:
"Here's your chance to cross it... Got Coyote?”

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