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Friday, September 24, 2010

Yeah, we’re Facebook Poets, America: To My Buddies B.R., Francisco, Alma,

Yeah, we’re Facebook Poets, America.
We don’t own no Bookstores or Publishing
Houses. What do those Companies know
about Literature when all they do is
Pander to the past? James Joyce was awesome
because he’d understand. Imaginations
don’t believe in Limits. They go Fast, Fast,
Fast and Tire with Rehearsing what has
already been Said over and again.
Poor minds, they’d rather just focus on what’s
easier at times to grasp. But that don’t
mean we wouldn’t like some artistic change.
Not everything should be packaged for cash
then left to fill the Sales Bins before
turning into trash. How ‘bout we just post
a poem that consumes no paper, no gas
It says a few things but creates no waste
which poisons our Water and Kills our Taste.

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