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Saturday, September 25, 2010

We are all Un/Documented~~Somos Todos In/Documentados: Unidos con La Fuerza Buena y Digna

Here’s a Prefix we can Use.  Nosotros
somos In/documentados.  No Nos da
Vida La Frontera con sus Reyes
y Soberanos Malos. We never go
Wrong if we stay Strong. La Dignidad
no Muere. Many say words whose Purpose
is Abuse:  Whore, criada, Condenada
Wetback, Lazy, Dirty, Anchor Baby
Oh! those Mexicans (even if we’re Not)
We’re Guatemalan, Nicarguan, and
Gargantuans of Kindness but are we
Docile Indians? I’ll say it Nicely once.
You don't Recognize my Rights! Was I Born
Here, or was it There? That's not your Concern.

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