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Thursday, September 30, 2010

ReVersereVeR: Poetry is Free

for Burciaga who Cracked the Pin~ata

I’m no Different when I spin.  This is Me.
And now I’d like to try Another Rip.
Take the Word Reverse and Draw it Backwards.
Zing!!  It has a ring and it's Bilingual.
>Reverse Sever ReverseveR Reverse<
The line is Rotating Backwards and Pulling
a Meaning it Pushes as it Loops Thru.
That’s Centrifugal Force--It Lives in You!
Combine the Spinning Words--Up,there you Go,
Up on the Curb.  Weeeee Poetry! The Rap
of our Humanity isn't Private
Property! So come Gentle Gente, Free
or Undocumented, Young and All, Miss-
Labled Tambien.  We are the Poetry
Peeps, Sheeps, and Keepers.  You might Say
we are Pastoral Singers. That’s good Too.
WheehW are Equipped with Technical GLee
by Internal Reversal. Go Use IT!

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