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Monday, September 27, 2010

Generation X: Those Culture Wars were Scarey. We made it, Now let's Activate

Don’t take it Wrong.  Student Activists Ask
only our consideration.  But being
Young comes with its Inspirations. Recall,
When we were that way?And what were we Told?
Get busy!  Don’t Entertain Liberties.
Join the Crowd or Dare to be Ostracized.
Weve Made our Necessary Compromise.
Let’s carry our Cross and not make it Their’s.
Besides we’ll Earn double Seniority
in the Social Justice Academy.
Maybe our Sexlives will Improve, who Knows?
So we’re Generation X but Let’s update
Our Reputation Now.  We’ve been careful
Too Long, Yuppies are Gone. Let's Activate!

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