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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Voto Latino: Free the Dream Filibuster

Voto Latino: Free the Dream Filibuster

It's often said that the Latino Vote
is a new and Important element.
As it was in the past when Kennedy
was elected and even Viva Bush
helped out Jorge. Sheesh we even voted
for Schwarzenegger, not that he valued
it because wasn’t he the One who said
that Latinos are Hot-blooded and meant
by it we are Whores and Sexual Objects!
One Republican Latina giggled?
That’s right, that’s him. He also commended
the Minute Men. He may as well say
that he funds the Tea Party privately.

Enter McCain from AZ
to the Senate Floor, shined up like that boy
from the Harry Potter Series…yeah you
know the ones who Prefer the purebloods and
Such. They hate Academic Freedom.
(I think they should drugTest the Senators
for Political Steroid use Cuz ain’t
McCain rather Sick? He didn’t seem it
We already know Their Drugs Are LEGAL.)

McCain knew up-front he had the votes he
needed to Bust Up Dreams with Filler.
Okay, people, students and all! Defeat
the Republicans by Tooth and by Nail!!
Viva Bush was B.S. and he pumped up
the Raids. He invented the ICE
Cream he Eats up our Families with.
Rapidly spread Word about November!!
Take away their Hopes, Dreams, and Ambitions.
And by la Virgen, DO Not Give In to
the Opinion that we are Vile, Worth-
less Peons only useful as servants.
Beat them in November! Voto! Latino!

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