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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Homage to the President of the United States, Viva Barack Obama

You bet a Black Woman is Obama’s
Truest Critic. That’s not Saying a Lot.
That’s Saying it All. The President’s not
Going to become the Highest Token.
(Some People are Adept at that.) He’s not.
Cuz Black People won’t let that Happen.
He’s in a Spot which is a Good Thing, Why
Not?  Who wants Yes-Men like Karl What-Not?
You know,the Friends who chill when you're In
and fast walk out when the Party’s gone?
This President has to be All And More.
He's been Handed Woes of those Obese Tax
Cuts.Such Huge Disasters can't be Concealed
He is Hamlet, King Lear and Othello.

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