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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Transcendentalists in adVerse SeptemIams--For Sor Juana and the WCW's

Transcendentalists in Free Verse SeptemIams (Yes, Dr. Williams, it’s Yours)
Twenty Lines

Removed from the library, I go to the computer screen.
I’m going to say it with 10 Count them 10 sounds
Across—Actually, this is a 14 sound line.  Let’s
Call it the septemeter~~~Wooow, doesn’t it sound something
like September?  tWO WOrds not Particularly Pretty,
see how you can actually cut off letters with a Knife?
So you say that’s a metaphor, these Words aren’t Really
Cut by Nine Knives. I've been Advised that we should get a sense
of how your Ego is Handling this?  Are you Over
Reacting again? What is it Anger? Or Violence
unstrung beyond your Reasoning.  Hate and Fury Precede
WitchHunts, Book Burnings, Censure, and Such.There are some very
Small players in Miniature Dollhouses.  They need Cover.
Such Fine Actors of Hysteria are Vain Uncivil
Educated pawns. They are Multiple 1’s all in Line.
Trigger it And they will Circle, play at Victimizing
fun.  The Silly BoyaBoys Network possesses its Very
own Nifty Vengeance Button. This is where a Damned good
Education Dulls the Bludgeon for they would not wish to
be Caught at it, the Coats, Shirts, and Neckties who throw the Blows.

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