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Friday, September 24, 2010

There are Females and Tramps. Which One is Which?

There are women and there are tramps. We get
it. There’s a difference. Some use their Beauty
to find a good man or a great woman.
Isn't this a free, fair, democratic
society? Then there are the Females
who’ll do Anything for money, power,
and free Celebrity. They also like
the perks as anyone of us would. But,
see, there lays the difference. We have hearts
and souls. We care our species can survive
its woes, many are self-inflicted. Then
there are the Tramps and Hoes who want to buy
our Rights Away! And how do they Afford
it? We give it up for free! Cuz somehow
they’ve convinced us they love us on TV
But there's something Creepy and Unsavory
about the Super Rich who pretend they're
our friends. Do you really think that Whitman’s
got money because she helps the People
when the high mortgages are due and kids
could use some after-school programs, a real
chance to realize their Young Dreams? Hell no!
So let’s get a message clear to Palin,
Fiorina, Whitman, O'Donnell and
the rest: We know you didn’t Earn power
you posses, nor the money either. You're
the Political Tramps Opportunists Crew.


Anonymous said...

People elected for the people by the people.. Well elected by the people But only for a few of the lucky one's. I wish they could help my family and I out but i did not pass the credit check and when they found out my wife is Latina well that leaves me out in the cold..

AmericanSappho said...

Well Said. Thanks Clinton for the comment, my very First, Buddy!

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