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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Metrical Solutions to Stop EcoCollapse to My Hometown


It's Metrical Revolution taking 
Place. Is it the Aquarian Age? I 
have Certain Features--my Horoscope Sign 
has to carry Water--then it's Mine. HooH!:

I know my Hometown Suffers me Gently.
They've known me all My Life. I was a Nerd.
Like I really truly hated the Pride 
there was for Teasing, Hating, and Rumors.

I'm a Big Cry Baby, that's Established.
So People, Gente, My Peeps, all da Folks,
I've Stopped all my Whining because I'm back
to tell you, We are Screwed and we're Dying.

If you don't think I should Speak anyMore,
I'm still Disinclined to See you Perish*


I am not a Danger; I am Antennae.
Certain Things Pre-disposed me to be This
Way. I have HighVerbal IQ.  What's New?
I can not only Score but Design 
Tests used to judge us by number. Decide.
if you think it's not True. Or ask my Friends
from back home.  Yes, they can say who I am. 
Becuz it's often they say LOL 
on my Page.  And that's where my History 
lays.  I guess they'd say I am an Airhead
but they do that to Protect Edith.
So that's where I got my first Idea, 
to Learn from my Hometown and hope It
Believes I have proven Myself at last.


One day my son wrote a Sad Song in School
it's called an Essay, Whatteva.
What he wrote I couldn't Forget Ever,
The environment will Collapse from Us!
"See," he said, "people Believe they're Better
than other Races, so if a Person
from another place, Say the Phillipines,
or Zimbabwe, has the Problem's Answers,
We're stUpid and we won't Listen."

I recalled I had heard Dr. King's Speech;
he had to explain to his Little Girl
she can't go to the Fun Park. No Negroes.

I'm asking you for my Two sons and Their
Generation, will we just Give it UP?

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