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Sunday, September 19, 2010


We as a country, yes a country, must as a whole people all-inclusive, begin to look at the earth as our host.  We must stop, reverse, and repair the catastrophicization of our natural environment.  Ecology is outdated.

We need a new term.  Cataclysmology--the study of catastrophic damage to the natural world.  Let it be a new science, for it needs a new definition.  We must study it.  We must apply great energy and we must train all those willing to be trained in the University, without permitting racism to endure.  

Race originally comes from a science that is known as eugenics.  Today, in our institutions of higher learning, this legacy persists.  It does not persist in the people but in their ideas.  Ideas are not meant to out-survive the people who create them. So ideas must be discarded over the course of history.  A snake sheds its skin and has a new one that is better.  

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