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Monday, April 4, 2011

What will this Door lead to Evon C. Morris?

What will this Door lead to Evon C. Morris?

One thing saved the life of my Father, saved
me too: poems, verse, these letters in the dark
that are cast along a wall that’s paved
with such intense and personal demarks

that are all but resignation reversed
and rephrased as stubbornness which my son,
his grandson says “works.”  And so it is work
that redeems us of all of our sins.

What work exists in a poem that’s averse
to sticking it to the innocent poor,
and naming one’s terror superior
to the loss of naivety. What will this door

lead to if not self-ruination, shame,
and illness? It will lead to a proud name.

This Sonnet is a Fictional Work. Any perceived, apparent, or implied relationship to entities or persons is coincidental.

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