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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Capital Vs. Love

 41 Minute Ago Near Pomona
  1. Today's Theme : Capital Vs. Love
    the Ends of Western Civilization
    due to its complete lack of fortitude
    To ♥ and to ♥ as per <'s Fashion
    Now Regeneration is Virtuous
    A Zero that's not worth its Traditions
    By the creed of All Anarchical Selves
    Uncounted, Ungovernable, and Freed.
    (Yesterday I quarreled on FB notes.
    The Blow outs were Easy, untechnical
    In the annoyance of minor triumphs
    I come to you, Verse, you double power.
    Your bards and their afterwards flood my Mind
    I hear the Cacophony of each Voice
    Soon all have come thundering to my Pads
    The ten of my fingers, dozens of Keys
    Yet my Cup runneth over by Eons
    Each line brings 24 metaphors, UG
    --(I no longer pay attention to them
    and Similes are Baneful Bling except
    if they speak and personify also
    They don't want to be 1-dimensional,
    poet, don't look at me with wide open mouths.
    Take up your pen, your crayola, your gun
    Without blood bring forward your greatest Force
    Revere those who have battled for Warlords
    Imagine what Horrors they have to live
    They do what they do so that we are Free
    Yet these schools, cops, cobardes, and goon Squads
    Create tyranny and injustice Breed.
    Who is not a Warrior has not Lived
    (Idle no More, Poets Indigenous)
This Sonnet is a Fictional Work. Any perceived, apparent, or implied relationship to entities or persons is coincidental.

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