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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

DR @ DR: Williams and Einstein

  1. DR 2 DR. Williams and Einstein

    In order for evil to travel must
    call itself the reason for babel
    take a sacred text and desanctify
    --It isn't that EZ to do injustice.
    "Everybody who wants to sleep in bed"
    As said Doctor Poet Williams William
    He really could prove it, Einsten Moment.
    When he drove his car: 1 Nine Twenty Three
    But long before that Spring was a Winter.
    1922 got to remember
    He saw the Science of Murder by States.
    He could detect it in language and Verse
    He could also imitate its silence!
    He heard the heartbeat of the Flowers Pain.
    Imagine that dear dog dead in the Rain.
    Einstein Oh Daffodil: This is our Prime.
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  2. Wherefore Art Though Pilgrim?

    A true union and a true Republic.
    would not Question the migrant caravan.
    Because it would see it was a pilgrim
    America always loses the 2nd
    Generation. Even the Puritans
    They could not inspire their Youth whatev?
    Their youth took up witch trials to get Head
    Had no reverence for the agenda
    Didn't want to be Cain so purges came.
    That is that to be Good you have to hate Love.
    To be even Better you have to Judge
    But when that doesn't work you bring Cages.
    Invent horror on horror to Heaven.
    Invoke Hell on Earth and Hell in Heaven.
This Sonnet is a Fictional Work. Any perceived, apparent, or implied relationship to entities or persons is coincidental.

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