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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wogscreed: To Give Malicious Amusement to His Cronies v.2n.2

Wogscreed: To Give Malicious Amusement to His Cronies v.2n.2

A loud and cantankerous din had suspended

what then wogs regard as their industry refers

equivalently to two other terms therewithin coined

rigorous debate between winkers and twitchers

whether or not there had been intent to motion

if burlesque, perceived burlesque, or parodies

or of a total view of life were evidenced

as a storehouse of pooled learning or abstraction

such that when riotous discord focused between

apples being apples or oranges orange

when proclaiming on thus profundity procured

operationalism long since rejected

by others its atavistic display quantified

whereupon long discarded theories wogs thrived.

Unknowingly kept to its faithful premise null

encapsulation in wogland persevered such ills

what was relegated to false starts among the wise

when inchoate a field later confessed its harms,

deficits and debts upon the cultures, there thrived

amidst the rare de-selection of traits was shunned

what wogs amidst their lot savagery admired

As it was of little consequence or value

Wogs interpret “Le Penseur” as twitch as gesture

Neverdowells of thought or reflection’s grandeur

Aggrandized to substantial reflex integers

As to their Grand Idees which nothing still had wrought

Despite great energy toward ethnics rendition

driven to false confessions in false environs

yet proved it worthy of such raw ingredients

becoming of a homeland of reliquaries

to the creed’s own operational motto:

til forever until there is no love no more. [1]

[1] Culture, this acted document, thus is public, like a burlesqued wink or a mock sheep raid.

This Sonnet is a Fictional Work. Any perceived, apparent, or implied relationship to entities or persons is coincidental.

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